13, 14 Agosto 2022

Sábado, 13 Agosto 2022

Mark Capanni – “I Believe In Miracles”

Patti Jo – “Make Me Believe in You”

Spunk – “La Bimini”

Breakwater – “Feel Your Way”

Frank Walton – “Safari”

Mongo Santamaria – “O Mi Shango”

Quinteto Ternura – “Leão De Bronze”

Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad – “Conexão” feat. João Donato

Eramus Hall – “Just Me And You”

Geater Davis – “My Love Is So Strong For You”

Holly Near – “Back Off”

Cristina Camargo – “Moral Tem Hora”

Bill Summers – “Brazilian Skies”

Gene Harris – “Theme for Relana”


Domingo, 14 Agosto 2022

Azymuth – “Dear Limmertz”

The L.A Propinquity – “That Someone’s U”

All Dyrections – “On Top Of It”

Henry Franklin – “Plastic Creek Stomp”

The Ensemble Al-Salaam – “Optimystical”

Wood Brass & Steel – “Always There”

The 1860 Band – “Keep That Same Old Feeling”

Bar-Kays – “Open Your Heart”

LaMont Johnson – “Calypso After Nine”

Samuel Jonathan Johnson – “Sweet Love”

Midnight Express – “Danger Zone”

Nancy Wilson – “I’m In Love”

Minority Band – “Journey To The Shore”

Marvin Gaye – “Where Are We Going”

Idris Muhammad – “Piece of Mind”


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