12, 13 Março 2022

Sábado, 12 Março 2022

Quasimode feat. Carmen Lundy – “Time Is Love”

Willie Hutch – “I Choose You”

Ezra Collective – “May The Funk Be With You”

Lowrell – “Mellow, Mellow Right On”

Jerline & Friends – “Joy Trip (Part 1)”

Seattle Pure Dynamite – “I Wonder Love”

Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers – “San Juan 2000”

Ronald Snijders – “Lenox”

Randy Masters And Solar Plexus – “You Are What You Feel”

Jerzy Milian – “Gacek”

Al Jarreau – “You Don’t See Me”

Arthur Verocai Feat. Azymuth – “Bis”

Hyldon – “Homem Pássaro”


Domingo, 13 Março 2022

Experience Unlimited – “Peace Gone Away”

New Horizon – “True Love”

Nostalgia 77 feat. Julie Tippett – “New Inner City Blues”

S.O.L.A.R. – “Faith for My Mind”

Bobby Hutcherson – “Maiden Voyage”

Ahmad Jamal – “Black Cow”

Consumer Rapport – “Go On With Your Bad Self”

Slave – “Steal Your Heart”

Solid Gold Revue & Ray Crumley – “She’s So Good”

Sunrise Ltd – “Our Love Will Grow”

Denny Zetlin – “2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back”

Cymande – “Promised Heights”


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