07, 08 Maio 2022

Sábado, 07 Maio 2022

Wilson Das Neves – “California Soul”

João Donato – “Patumbalacundê”

Vitamin E – “Kiss Away”

Heatwave – “Goin’ Crazy”

Creative Source – “You Can’t Hide Love”

The Blackbyrds – “Reggins”

Donny Hathaway – “Love, Love, Love”

Bob Cunningham – “Lover’s Theme”

Charles Earland – “Cosmic Fever”

Keni Burke – “Keep On Singing”

Round Robin – “Our Love Is So True”

Renee Geyer – “Be There in the Morning”


Domingo, 08 Maio 2022

Allspice – “Slipped Away”

Prince Phillip Mitchell – “You’ll Throw Bricks at Him”

Phyllis Hyman – “Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her”

Cedar Walton – “The Girl With Discotheque Eyes”

Freeez – “Flying High”

Wanderlea – “Mané João”

Osmar Milito & Quarteto Forma – “Que Bandeira”

Erlon Chaves – “Procura-se Uma Virgem (Sufixo)”

Jorge Ben – “Lalari – Olala”

Golden Boys – “Berimbau”

Hidden Strength – “I Don’t Want to Be A Lone Ranger”

Panaché – “Sweet Jazz Music”

Fever – “Don’t You Want Me”

Herb Geller Featuring Mark Murphy – “Sudden Senility”


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