28, 29 Maio 2022

Sábado, 28 Maio 2022

Brian Jackson – “Path to Macondo_ Those Kind of Blues”

Bernard Wright – “Music Is The Key”

Chic – “São Paulo”

Chip Wickham – “Astral Traveling”

Mark de Clive-Lowe, Dwight Trible – “Love is Everywhere”

Enchantment – “Sunshine”

Kenny Mann – “Wait and See”

Syndicate – “Jabo”

Brian Auger – “Happiness Is Just Around the Bend”

McKinley Jackson – “Tribute To Marvin Gaye Love Overture”


Domingo, 29 Maio 2022

Bernard Wright – “Just Chillin’ Out”

Rodney Franklin – “Felix Leo”

Soul Vibrations – “The Dump”

Seaquence – “Life”

Sons Of The Kingdom – “Hey There”

The Louis Hayes Group – “Little Sunflower”

Patsy Gallant – “Te Caliente”

Ahmad Jamal – “Handicapper”

Jeffree – “Mr Fix-It”

Soul Liberation – “Who Are You”

Jodesha and Star Ride – “The Answer”

Vibrations – “Shake It Up”

Charme – “Georgy Porgy”


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