04, 05 Junho 2022

Sábado, 04 Junho 2022

Alphonse Mouzon – “I’m Glad That You’re Here”

General Lee – “Magic”

Pee Wee Ellis – “This Is Just A Warning!”

Pioneers – “Racial Segregation”

Les Vikings de la Guadaloupe – “Let’s Stay up Vikings”

Audrey Motaung – “I’m Coming Out”

Tony & Future 2000 – “Unity (Sing It, Shout It)”

Bootsey, Phelps & Complete Strangers – “Fun in Your Thang Pt.1”

The Presidents – “Girl You Cheated On Me”

Gene Lawrence – “Feel Like Making Love”

Gloria Ann Taylor – “What’s Your World”

Frederick Robinson III – “Love One Another”


Domingo, 05 Junho 2022

Sweet Thunder – “Everybody’s Singin’ Love songs”

Uncle Louie – “I Like Funky Music”

Mr. Cix – “Miss Clean”

Third Rail – “Reachin’ For It”

Material – “Over And Over”

Liquid Liquid – “Cavern”

A Certain Ratio – “Touch”

Popcorn – “Song For You”

Ronnie Jones – “You And I”

Willie Hutch – “Hurt So Bad”

The Fame Gang – “Walk Tall”

Senor Soul – “It’s Your Thing”

Florian Pellissier Quintet- “The Hipster”


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